Car Vent Clip Air Freshener

Car Vent Clip Air Freshener

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Instantly freshen your car with a burst of fragrance. Our Vent Clip Air Freshener are designed to be used alone or paired with our Room Sprays. 

HOW TO USE: Remove packaging and clip onto your car vent, and drive on with freshness.

WHERE TO USE: Car Vent Clips work in virtually every vehicle—mom mobiles, commuter carpools, dog cars—with scents that beg for the windows to stay up.

WHEN TO USE: Car Vent Clips can last for up to 30 days, eliminating tough odors that tend to hitch a ride. Too bad they can’t eliminate traffic.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children & pets, avoid direct contact with furniture or open flames. Do not ingest.

This product is not tested on animals.