Our Story

Welcome to CanaryAve!
We aim to bring light, joy and fun times through our sweet aromas that will help create long lasting memories with friends and loved ones. 
We created our company in hopes that it will lift the spirits of our customers through a variety of smells just like a Canary. The canary is dear and sweet, such a small and delicate bird with such a sweet song. When they feel happy they can sing all day and will lift the spirits of those around them.
We are passionate about using natural and sustainable ingredients in all of our products to bring a sensory experience at all times. Our candles and wax melts are individually hand poured and made with the highest grade of natural soy wax and cotton wicks. All of our products use the best quality fragrances. 
We've created a variety of fragrances that will bring enticing aromas to help set the mood for a dinner party, brunch, spa day or just a relaxing Sunday afternoon.
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